Duchess of Cornwall praises new domestic abuse technology

The Duchess of Cornwall has hailed the “magic” of secret panic alarms for domestic abuse victims as she paid a visit to the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in London. Domestic abuse victims are being given hidden ‘panic alarms’ allowing police to track them down when the alarms are activated.

The Duchess of Cornwall became the first person outside of police circles to see the advanced technology in action as the Met Police stated that the alarms have been activated in 1879 emergency situations since 2011.
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Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, accompanied The Duchess of Cornwall on a tour of the headquarters while also showing Her Royal Highness how the new technology for domestic abuse victims gives them a direct connection to the emergency services.

Around 3500 people in the UK currently hold the advanced technology. There are many reasons why people have access to the technology including awaiting the prosecution of stalkers or they are living with a violent partner.

The technology was developed by the charitable arm of Vodafone and Andrew Dunnett, director of the Vodafone Foundation, commented, “All of this is about saving lives. It’s about using technology to reduce the fear of the users and to help the police intervene in this difficult area.”

The Duchess of Cornwall was quick to commend the work of the first responders o the Met Police for the work they carry out for victims of domestic abuse. She said, “When I saw actually how much work you do, how much time goes into it, and the pressures all of you must feel, I’m astounded. You do a tremendous service, I don’t know what we’d do without you.”
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Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, also praised The Duchess of Cornwall for her interest in the subject, “The fact you’re so interested in the subject and have met colleagues working with the new way of protecting people is really appreciated.” Cressida Dick also mentioned how The Duchess of Cornwall’s visit had given staff a well-needed morale boost.

Current estimations believe that two women a week in England and Wales are killed at the hands of their partners or former partners.

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