Prince Charles charity awards funds to rural projects

The Prince’s Countryside Fund, a charity founded by Prince Charles, has awarded £400,000 to 12 farming and rural projects that help people in the countryside. The latest round of grants from the PCF aims to help community-led projects that benefit people living and working in rural areas.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund was established by Prince Charles in 2010 and exists to improve the prospects of family farm businesses and quality of rural life. Every year the PCF provides over £1.2 million in funding every year to projects across the UK as well as leading their own projects such as The Prince’s Farm Resilience Programme.

The latest round of funding will be supporting projects such as the Exmoor Hill Farming Network which will work to improve viability, sustainability and efficiency of upland farms. The Farmer Network in the north of England will also benefit from the funding as they help 1000 farmers sustain their business and maintain the environment, landscape and local rural communities.

Claire Saunders, Fund Director, commented, “The applications we received for this round of funding demonstrate the breadth of challenges faced by those living in rural areas. Organisations which had applied for funding had shown creativity in working together and coming up with the solutions to solve rural challenges.”

It was Prince Charles’s long-held concerns for the future of Britain’s rural areas that led to the idea of raising funds to help them become more sustainable. The Prince of Wales has long been a supporter of British farming and rural communities and in his 30 years as President of Business in the Community, Prince Charles has promoted responsible business and power of business to be a positive force for change.

Other projects that have benefitted from this round of funding include the Farming Life Centre in the Peak District and the Brecknock Federation of Young Farmers Club which has been awarded funds to support opportunities in agriculture for 180 youngsters.

Claire Saunders concluded, “The funded projects make a real difference to rural communities.”

Photo Credit: Eric Fidler

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