Queen Máxima to Visit Indonesia

It has been a busy week for Queen Máxima as she paid a visit to China, then spending a few days at 2018 Winter Olympics before leaving for a trip to Indonesia on Sunday.

Her Majesty will be visiting the Republic of Indonesia beginning Sunday 11 February until Tuesday 13 February in her role as Special Advocate of the United Nations Secretary-General for Inclusive Finance for Development.

Since 2009 in her role as Special Advocate, The Dutch Queen has been one of the foremost global voices in promoting universal access to affordable, practical, and safe financial services.

Indonesia launched a ‘national strategy for inclusive financing’ in the autumn of 2016 to promote access to financial services such as bank or savings accounts, loans, insurance and pensions. Máxima was in Indonesia for the launch in the role as Special Advocate.

During her 2016 visit, she advised on how to set up a National Inclusive Financing Council to coordinate the implementation of the financial goals and strategies. During the visit beginning this weekend, Her Majesty will focus on the progress of the implementation of the programme.

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On Monday, Queen Máxima will pay a working visit to the province of Lampung on the island of Sumatra, know primarily for its agriculture. During the visit, she will speak with small farmers about the structural improvement of agricultural yields through value chain finance. Value chain finance refers to financial products and services that move to or through any point in a value chain that allows investments that boost returns and the growth and competitiveness of the chain.

At the end of the afternoon, Queen Máxima will participate in a roundtable discussion with representatives from the agricultural sector to talk about value chain financing.

On Tuesday, Máxima will speak with the Secretary of the National Council for Inclusive Financing. She also will meet with the Minister of Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, the Minister of Finance, Ms Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the Minister for Development and Cultural Affairs, Ms Puan Maharani, Governor Martowardojo of the Bank Indonesia and Wimboh Santoso, President of the Financial Authority. Services (OJK).

Following her day of meetings, she then will pay a working visit to the company Go-Jek. Go-Jek offers transportation on motorcycles via an app. The service also provides meal delivery for a fee as well. While there, The Dutch Queen will discuss with the employees their access to financial services such as a bank or savings account, insurance and mortgages.

Queen Máxima closes out the visit to Indonesia with a roundtable discussion with members of the World Bank and the IMF and then will attend a meeting with Indonesian President Widodo.

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