Teamwork from Prince Charles and Prince Harry in campaign to save planet

In a rare joint engagement on Wednesday, Prince Charles and Prince Harry teamed up to lend their weight to a campaign to save the planet. Prince Harry looked on as Prince Charles delivered a major speech on saving coral reefs – even adding his own star power to raise awareness of the issue for a younger generation.
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The Prince of Wales invited Prince Harry to his International Sustainability Unit’s meeting about coral reefs. Harry’s attendance at the meeting suggests that he is picking up the baton for environmental campaigning for a new generation.

Prince Charles told a packed room, “It is a common phrase now that rather than borrowing our present from future generations, we are stealing it. Well, the speed of the ecological marine cataclysm that we have engendered is such that not only will our children be faced with the monochrome legacy of the graveyard of destroyed reefs and the collapse of marine biodiversity, but the majority of us alive today will stand witness to the process.”

It is hoped that Prince Harry’s involvement in Wednesday’s meeting will raise further awareness for the cause from younger, energised admirers from across the globe.

Prince Charles continued, “The ocean has an astonishing ability to heal itself, if given the chance. We simply have to give it that chance, perhaps its last, for we must not only conserve what remains of these unique and vitally important ecosystems, but we must allow nature to restore what has already been lost.”

Though rare for members of The Royal Family to come together on specific campaigns, a Clarence House spokesperson commented, “Prince Harry wanted to find out more about the work being done to protect coral reefs from threats including climate change and pollution.”

Prince Charles has previously worked with both Prince William and Prince Harry on another campaign. In 2014, William and Harry listened as their father spoke about the illegal wildlife trade – a cause close to all of their hearts.

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