Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel Spend the Day in Lithuania

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel Spend the Day in Lithuania

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were in Lithuania today to attend the 100th anniversary of the restoration of the country’s independence.

Victoria and Daniels’s day began at Presidential Palace in Vilnius where President Dalia Grybauskaite the Swedish Royals.

Following a warm welcome from the Lithuanian President, a ceremony was held in which the flags of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia flags were raised and the simultaneous peal of 100 church bells across the country.

Sweden s Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

The Presidential Palace dates back to the 1300’s when Lithuania converted to Christianity and its occupied by the Bishop of Vilnius.

Centuries of war, fire and unrest took its toll on the building.

Following the Russian takeover of the country, the palace was a temporary home for the Tsar and later the Russian General Governor.

Before the region was taken over by Poland in the Polish and Lithuanian War that lasted from 1 September until 7 October 7, 1920, it was the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters and News Agency of ELTA.

Following the Second World War, it was the residence of Soviet Officers. In finally became the Presidential Palace in 1997.

Following their arrival, President Grybauskaite hosted The Crown Princess and her husband for lunch and a meeting.

The then went on to view the excavations in the basement floor of the Storfurstarnas Palace.

180216 KRPP Litauen 04 Foto Kungahuset.jpg

The Storfurstarnas Palace dates back to the 15th century and constructed for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and future Polish Kings. For over four centuries it was the political, governmental and cultural centre of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Although demolished in 1801, work on a new palace started in 2002 on the site of the original building. In 2013, part of the palace known as Bloc A was ceremoniously opened to the public.

The day in Lithuania for Victoria and Daniel ended with a visit to the Swedish Embassy.

2018 marks one hundred years since Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania proclaimed independence.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are scheduled to attend the independence celebration of Latvia, on Friday 27 April, and Estonia, Sunday, 19 August.

The last Swedish State Visit to Lithuania took place in October 2015 by King Carl and Queen Silvia.


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