A Step Too Far: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Deal With Continued Abuse

A Step Too Far: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Deal With Continued Abuse

As a teacher, I have seen bullying on all levels. It is sickening and sometimes ends up being tragic.

In the current climate, we see abuse across a broad spectrum. One only has to be on Twitter to witness the battles that transpire daily.

But today it crossed a line for the Royal Family.

In an exclusive piece published The Evening Standard, it was reported a letter addressed to Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle contained a white powder that trigged security officials to check for Anthrax.

According to Chris Ship, ITV News Royal Editor, “Met Police say the package, thought to be addressed to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, was tested and confirmed as non-suspicious. Officers say the same package contained possible malicious communication.”

We now know the letter also contained content that was racist ad abusive and directed at Ms Markle.

The scare is a first directed at the couple who are to be married in May.

This type of racial abuse is disgusting. We see it all on social media. From the day Harry began dating Meghan it started and had only become worse since the engagement.

The abuse is not just racial. At times there are epic battles waged on Twitter with from what she is wearing to the fringe who wish to see harm inflicted upon her.

The hatred ramped up when the Paul Nehlen, a politician from Wisconsin and self-proclaimed anti-semite tweeted an image of Ms Markle photoshopped with the face of Cheddar Man; the dark-skinned man believed to be the first modern Briton. He soon was booted from Twitter. But there are others out there.

It is one thing to dislike a handbag Ms Markle carried in Edinburgh or to criticise the pattern of the Erdem dress that The Duchess of Cambridge wore. It is another to Tweet or post on other social media vile hatred and wishing for harm to someone.

I think back to the abuse The Duchess of Cornwall still receives to this day. It is unacceptable regardless of which member of the British Royal Family you fancy or dislike.

I get it, the Royals are in the spotlight and are targets for criticism. But, it can be constructive and not hate filled. Sure we can joke about Harry’s every growing bald patch. We can poke fun at William and his dad dancing. But the shameful hatred for someone we only know through what we see on a screen has to stop.

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