The Queen to celebrate 70th anniversary of International Maritime Organization

Her Majesty The Queen will visit the International Maritime Organization on Tuesday, March 6th to mark the 70th year of its formation. The International Maritime Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping and was formed in 1948.

Upon her arrival to the IMO in London, Her Majesty The Queen will be greeted by Secretary-General of the IMO, Mr. Kitack Lim, before going on to view a model of the RMS Queen Mary 2.

The International Maritime Organization is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.

During her time at the IMO in London, The Queen will listen to a short speech from Secretary-General, Kitack Lim, as well as be unveiling a plaque to mark her visit. Her Majesty will also view the lighthouse optic, a gift to the IMO from Trinity House as well as view an exhibition about the role of modern shipping.

The International Maritime Organization cover all aspects of international shipping – from ship design, construction, equipment, manning, operation, and disposal – to ensure that this vital sector remains safe, environmentally sound, energy efficient and secure.

Her Majesty The Queen opened the Headquarters building in 1983 and the IMO is the only United Nations agency to be headquartered in the United Kingdom.

Her Majesty’s final duty of her visit to the IMO will be to cut the cake marking the 70th anniversary of the agency’s formation.

Photo Credit: Michael Chu

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