Swedish Royals Might Miss Birth

With their seventh grandchild on the way, King Carl and Queen Silvia are in the Swiss Alps on holiday.

The buzz is will they make it back to Sweden in time when Princess Madeleine gives birth?

The King and Queen are also scheduled to attend the 71st Baden-Powell Fellowship meeting in Mexico 21 to 24 March.

Since 1977, The King of Sweden has been the Honorary President and Honorary Chairman. His Majesty was a Scout in 1956, and he has remained involved since.

According to Margareta Thorgren, spokesperson for the Royal Court of Sweden: “There is a tight schedule.” She noted that the birth of Madeleine’s third child had been taken into account when scheduling and also added that schedules do change.

Crown Princess Victoria is also on a skiing holiday with her family at the in Zermatt, Switzerland. She is scheduled to attend the Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea 14-17 March.

Princess Madeleine gave birth to Princess Leonore in New York, and Prince Nicolas was born in Sweden. She is now back in Sweden preparing for the birth of her third child.


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