Queen Máxima Goes Green

Earlier today Queen Máxima opened The World Horti Centre, the international knowledge and innovation centre in the world of commercial horticulture in the Westland Region.

Joining Her Majesty was Carola Schouten Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The Dutch approach to greenhouse horticulture in ranked internationally as one of the worlds’ best. The Westland Region is a crucial player in the movement using the “Dutch Approach,’ which focusses on urban planning, local cooperation and water safety.

The new centre is a global showcase for greenhouse horticulture in which education, research organisations, businesses and government agencies work collaboratively on changes and sustainable developments.

After the official opening, Queen Máxima was given a tour of the building and viewed a variety of plants both inside and outside.

The Dutch Queen also visited several classrooms, the auditorium and an exhibition space where companies and the greenhouse will share their research and future ideas to continue their work in providing solutions to social issues relating to water quality, food supply, food safety and sustainability.


About Cindy

Royal geek and history teacher. Back from my self-imposed Royal Hiatus. Writer, editor and Social Media Director for @royal_circular. Royal watcher circa 1981.

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