The Prince of Speech

Prince Harry delivered a keynote speech at the annual Veterans’ Mental Health Conference held at King’s College in London today.

Today’s event was organised by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research who receive support from the Forces in Mind Trust. It brings together leading academics, researchers, medical professionals and charities to discuss the essential issues in military mental health.

Harry, who attended the event last year, joined the morning session of the conference before making a speech about the progress that has been made by the sector in the past year.

HRH discussed the work he is pursuing at the Royal Foundation for mental health in the Armed Forces Community.

Prince Harry: “Meghan and I recently visited The North Essex Veterans Mental Health Network and we got to see the amazing work they are doing in Colchester. Some of the stories Meghan and I heard when we visited Colchester Garrison a few weeks ago shocked us to our core. But despite meeting these people and others who are in the darkest of places, I am continually surrounded and inspired by amazingly positive outcomes.”

The former Army Captian highlighted many of the important collaborative successes such as the service platform Contact and the newly-signed deal with the Ministry of Defence aimed at improving support and training for those currently serving.

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