A Concert for the Countess: Sophie visits Farnham Festival

Continuing a busy week of engagements, The Countess of Wessex visited the Farnham Festival this evening and attended the ‘You Raise Me Up’ concert at which The Ridgeway Community and Abbey Schools teamed up with Luminosa Young Voices and Farnham Junior Youth Choir.

The Farnham Festival – New Music for Young People is being held at Farnham Maltings and the performance and new music opportunities that the festival is offering to local young people this year is due in no small part to the overwhelming support of the local community organisations such as Marshall Eaton Holdings, Farnham Town Council and The Farnham Institute Charity.

The festival kicked off on Monday 19th March with local infant children performing their Wild World concert and local junior school children performing Along Came Man, a thought-provoking cantata on an ecological theme.

The first Farnham Festival took place in 1961 when Alan Fluck, the then Music Master at Farnham Grammar School, organised the event. Since its inception – when only two new compositions were performed – in excess of 130 new works have received their first performance in Farnham Festival.

The BBC has recorded most concerts for later broadcasts and some national newspapers even give coverage, such was the interest in the unique combination of live composers writing for school-age musicians.

The festival also includes jazz, choral and orchestral performances which will feature new work commissioned especially for the musicians taking part.

Following The Countess of Wessex’s visit to the Farnham Festival, the event will conclude on Thursday 22nd March with an evening of jazz at which local schools, colleges and groups will showcase their favourite pieces.

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