Camilla Records Message For Domestic Abuse Awareness

The Duchess of Cornwall recorded a video message in which she introduces three animations to try and raise awareness of coercive and controlling behaviour for people to understand what constitutes domestic abuse and a criminal offence.

The new campaign is collaboration between the Dorset High Sheriff John Young, Bournemouth University, the Dorset Criminal Justice Board and the Safer Poole Partnership.

According to statistics, there is an average of 459 reports of domestic abuse per month in Dorset alone.

Domestic abuse is often unreported as victims suffer in silence. They either are afraid of what may happen if reported or sometimes they do not realise that such behaviours of coercion and control fall under domestic abuse.

Dorset High Sheriff John Young, asked students at Bournemouth University to create an animated film illustrating some of the most common abuse examples such as making threats, keeping tabs on an individuals day to day schedule, and isolation from friends, family and interests.

The video was recorded at Clarence House.

In the video Camilla says: “Thankfully the sometimes disastrous effects of domestic abuse in society are now much better understood. Much less understood is the psychological abuse which exists in some relationships. I’m delighted that Dorset Police and Bournemouth University are working together to make this short film and that it will, over time, help to raise public awareness of some of the complex characteristics that make up controlling and coercive behaviour which is now, thank goodness, a crime.”

The video which was recorded at Clrence House may be viewed here: Duchess of Cornwall Speaks On Domestic Abuse

HRH has been a keen supporter of charities and organisations that support domestic abuse victims from visiting refugees both home and abroad to carrying out engagements that support and further the plight of the victims.

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