Teenage Angst and Anne: Princess Royal Disliked Royal Walkabouts

Teenage Angst and Anne: Princess Royal Disliked Royal Walkabouts

Teenagers are teenagers even if you are a member of the Royal Family.

The Princess Royal certainly harboured a bit of teenage angst when it came to the famous Royal Walkabout.

During Monday nights BBC documentary, The Queen: Her Commonwealth Story, Princess Anne revealed her dislike for meeting and greeting the public as teen. She joked about the walkabouts saying: “We hated them, can you imagine as teenagers? Hardly the sort of thing you would volunteer to do. It gets easier but can you imagine? How many people enjoy walking into a room full of people you’ve never met before and then try a street.”

The documentary which aired on Monday evening was presented by BBC’s George Alagiah and shared the stories of The Queen and the Commonwealth she has led for over 60 years now.

Viewers were able to witness the “transformation of a young, diffident woman into a confident figure able to command the respect of leaders around the world. We discovered that as Head of the Commonwealth she has far more room to manoeuvre – able to influence world events in a way she cannot at home,” Alagaih commented.

The Princess Royal also discussed her mothers longevity and being a female monarch.

“Her length of time in (her) position and her ability to listen and talk to those leaders is virtually unique. She’s been in that situation of being an honorary man for a very long time. You know people get used to the fact maybe you can have a conversation about things which they otherwise wouldn’t talk to women about,” commented The Queen’s only daughter.

The Princess Royal surely has gotten over her dislike for the walkabout and crowds as she became more accustomed to her Royal duties. Dubbed ‘The Hardest Working Royal,’ Anne logged in a whopping 455 engagements domestically, add to that 85 more aboard which saw HRH carry out 540 engagements in one calendar year.

Not too shabby from someone who was not a fan of the public eye back in the day.

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