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Royal Community: Stop the nastiness and lets have fun

I upped my Twitter ante in 2012 at the height of the excitement that surrounded the Diamond Jubilee – the Royal Community on Twitter were a great bunch of people to be around back then – we agreed, we disagreed, we laughed and we cried but ultimately we stuck together. How times have changed…….

At the end of the day, we call ourselves the royal community because we share one passion: royalty. But for a lot of people today, this does not seem to be enough – it appears that there isn’t just one royal community anymore but several.

Gangs appear to have formed across social media when it comes to royal fans. If you don’t like William and Kate you are segregated to one group or if you are not a fan of Harry and Meghan you are ostracised from social media. Why does it have to be like this?

Six years ago if you weren’t a fan of William and Kate or you had a criticism of Camilla you could say it without feeling like you were insulting someone. In the present day, it feels like we are treading on eggshells around people who can’t accept that other people’s opinions are valid too.

For me, I’m not William and Kate’s biggest fan and I do criticise their workload, I do not, however, criticise every move they make or every piece of clothing the couple wear – they are the future King and Queen and one day they will HAVE to step up to the plate – do we, until then, have to continuously hear nasty, snarky and sometimes hurtful comments?

Please don’t feel that this is a post defending William and Kate. I’ve seen on countless occasions Harry and Meghan’s fans targeted. Harry and Meghan are a breath of fresh air in my opinion but yet they will get things wrong and like William and Kate, they will make mistakes – no doubt about it – and anyone who believes that Harry and Meghan will be perfect need to have a word with themselves.

This may be a strong word (and it may be the wrong word) but I believe a lot of the Royal Community have become bullies – they’ve let their thousands of followers go to their head and believe they can now shoot down, belittle and quite frankly be nasty to other royal followers who do what they do purely for their love of royalty/monarchy.

Surely its time to stop?

As royal followers and writers and bloggers and reporters, we have a lot to look forward to, especially in 2018. A new royal baby is due imminently, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is just around the corner and we have an Autumn wedding to look forward to in the form of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Why are we wasting time arguing with each other, belittling each other and biting at one another? We should be laughing together, having fun and heck, even planning to meet with each other on the streets of Windsor in May – Marlene (@royalmusing) mine is a pint of Cider!

So come on royal community, let’s do what we do best and start sticking together again. Let’s laugh together, let’s agree and disagree together, let’s analyse together, let’s debate together, let’s argue (when necessary) together but most importantly let’s just have fun – its quite easy if you try.

As a writer for Royal Circular, I love sharing my posts and thoughts with you all – just recently I’ve felt like I can’t do that for fear of being verbally attacked because somebody doesn’t agree with me – it shouldn’t be this way!

I love the royal community across social media but just recently I’ve begun to become tired of it as have many royal followers. Maybe we are all to blame but one thing we are not all to blame for is the abuse and nastiness that comes from a small minority of people.

It’s time to change royal community! Let us be the best that we can be, life’s too short at the end of the day and remember once upon a time we were one big happy family – let’s get back to that!

Happy Royal Watching!


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