Riding the Rails to the Windsor Wedding? Quick Guide for Harry & Meghan Fans

Riding the Rails to the Windsor Wedding? Quick Guide for Harry & Meghan Fans

Planning on making the trip to Windsor for the Royal Wedding? South Western Railway and Great Western Railway have you covered with extra service beginning in the early hours of 19 May.

It is estimated over 100,000 people will ride the rails to be in Windsor for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. That being it is advised to allow an ample amount of time for queuing up at the station to make your way to Windsor.

“We are very proud to be running train services to Windsor on the day of the Royal Wedding. It will be a momentous occasion which is why we’ve doubled our direct services from Waterloo to four an hour and will be running full ten-carriage trains to make sure we get as many of our customers to Windsor as possible,” commented South Western Railway Managing Director Andy Mellors.

Those of us who have made the journey from London to Windsor know that when you switch over at Slough and hop aboard to get to Windsor and Eton Central, it is usually easy. Two carriages, jump on and you get there in 15-20 minutes.

With the wedding, two carriages will not be able to hold the influx of those wishing to get to Windsor in time. An additional two carriages will be added to increase the number to four. Some may wonder why only four carriages? Train services from Slough to Windsor and Eton Central and vice versa can only carry four carriages maximum for safety issues. The good news is they will run every 20 minutes.


If you plan on travelling using South Western Railway, they will have increased their carriages from four to ten with services running each hour from Londons Waterloo Station to Windsor and Eton Riverside.

It is going to be a busy day for all services, so best to allow an ample amount of time and realise it may take longer than usual.

GWR and South Western Railway are reminding customers to keep baggage to a minimum as Thames Valley Police, and British Transport Police will administer security checks, and if one has excess luggage, it could delay your journey.

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