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Donald Trump to meet The Queen on UK visit?

It was announced on Thursday that US President, Donald Trump, would visit the United Kingdom on Friday, July 13th for a working visit. It now seems likely that Donald Trump will meet with Her Majesty The Queen on the visit at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

The visit by the US President will not be the full-blown State Visit that seemed to be in the pipeline last year. Instead, Donald Trump will be on a working visit and will hold talks with British Prime Minister, Theresa May, with further details to be “set out in due course.”

While Theresa May has said she is looking forward to welcoming Donald Trump to the United Kingdom in July, more than 33,000 people on Facebook have said they will attend a protest organized by left-wing journalist Owen Jones.

Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman of Think Tank the Bow Group, commented, “A visit to London by the President is likely to draw major protests, crime, and disorder, and we do not wish to see Britain or President Trump embarrassed by this. Many in Britain wish for President Trump to be afforded the warmest of welcomes. Sadly this will not be the case in London.”

President Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20th, 2017 succeeding Barack Obama. Trump, a Republican, presided to victory over Democrat, Hilary Clinton, in the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign.

Theresa May was the first foreign leader to visit President Trump in the White House immediately after his inauguration in January 2017. While on the visit, Theresa May did convey an invitation from Her Majesty The Queen for Trump to come to the UK for a State Visit.

Although a date has not been set for the State Visit, it seems the visit has been unofficially postponed in fear of mass protests.

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