She Said Yes To The Dress: Happy Anniversary William and Catherine

Seven years ago today (it is still 28 April on my side of the world), the creative director of Alexander McQueen checked into the same hotel as Kate Middleton and the world wondered. No one then knew who the designer would be.

We all waited with baited breath and until she stepped out of the car to enter the grand Westminster Abbey, it had been the best-kept secret ever.


Her dress, an ode to the days of Grace Kelly, was drenched in symbolism and floral lace appliqués with a nine-foot train. It was perfection.

Who could forget watching her walk down the aisle as a common girl, only to become a princess of the realm and The Duchess of Cambridge.


It was truly a fairy tale and I have no regrets about keeping my daughter home from school to watch it, as I did many years ago myself as a kindergartener to watch Lady Diana Spencer marry her prince.

We all know how that story ended, but as a young girl, that was the beginning of my Royal fascination.

So now we have an anniversary for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, seven years today or tomorrow depending on which side of the pond you are on.

In less than three weeks, we will have another Royal wedding and the days ahead we will all wonder what our next future Duchess will wear. Which tiara, which designer….it’s all in the days to come.

This is the best of being a Royal watcher. It’s the “Oscars” of being a Royal fan. I can’t wait!

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