Here Comes The Bride: The Wedding Dresses of Three Dutch Queens

As we get closer to the Harry and Meghan’s wedding on 19 May, and royal fans patiently (well some) wait to see Meghan’s dress, Royal Circular takes a look at some of the dresses other royal women have worn on their wedding day.

Today we take a look at the dresses of the then Princess Juliana, Princess Beatrix and Maxima Zorreguieta.

Wedding of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld

On 7 January 1937, the future Queen Juliana married German aristocrat Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. The date had special meaning as Juliana’s grandparents, King William III and Queen Emma, had married fifty-eight years earlier.

Masion Kühne of The Hague designed the ivory satin draped dress Juliana wore. Her veil was white tulle with silver embroidery adorned with orange and rose blossoms that hung from a rose shaped diadem that paid homage to the House of Lippe. The diadem was a gift from her mother in law.

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Bernhard, having renounced his German citizenship before the wedding became an honourary captain of the Royal Dutch Hussars and wore their uniform along with his medals.

There were twelve bridesmaids at the wedding. They each wore dresses of various pastel colours to mimic the colours of the rainbow.

Wedding of Queen Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg

The then Princess Beatrix decided to use a relatively unknown Dutch designer by the name of Caroline Berge-Farwick of Maison Linette, who was a favourite of Queen Juliana.

The dress was a white silk and satin duchesse, square-necked and had a 16-foot train. It featured three-quarter length sleeves with a bell-shaped skirt that was trimmed in white velvet. Beatrix, who was part of the design process also had incorporated scrollwork from the Württemberg Ornate Pearl as part of the dresses intricate embroidery.

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The mid-length white tulle veil was attached to the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara. The tiara, part of the Dutch Royal Collection came from the first wife of Willem III, Sophie of Württemberg, hence the name.

The tiara, worn by Beatrix’s grandmother, Wilhelmina upon her enthronement features large pearls set amongst diamond studded spikes. The future Queen also wore Sophie of Württembergs diamond and pearl brooch.

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The flowers were a bouquet of white eucharis and lilies of the valley designed by Abel Verheijen.

The six bridesmaids wore long satin dresses and matching lace jackets with elbow length gloves and feather headpieces. Three colours were chosen: lavender, mint green and light blue with two of the bridesmaids wearing each colour.

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The flower girls wore short-sleeved white satin dresses and white flowers in their hair. The pageboys wore black trousers, ruffled white shirts and white gloves.

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The bridegroom wore a morning coat, striped trousers along with a grey vest.

Wedding of King Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti

Máxima chose her dress from Valentino in Rome. Made of Mikado silk, her dress had a cowl-like neck and long sleeves. The somewhat flared skirt contained embroidered lace panels and a 16-foot train.

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The future Dutch Queen wore a veil of silk tulle decorated with flowers and traces of lace. Her bouquet consisted of white roses, gardenia, lily of the valley, and two kinds of greens.

Máxima’s tiara contained pieces from the Royal House of the Netherlands jewel collection starting with five diamonds from Queen Emma, the second wife of King Willem III. The base was created using Queen Sophie’s (first wife of King Willem III) Pearl Button Tiara. The pearl buttons were substituted with five diamond stars. Máxima also wore diamond earrings belonged to Queen Wilhelmina, first wife of King Willem I.

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The then Prince Willem-Alexander wore the Grand Uniform of the Dutch Royal Navy with his rank of Captain at Sea.

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The bridesmaids wore red satin duchesse skirts and a blouse of red velvet with satin duchesse. Coordinating red satin shoes and burgundy-colored floral wreath headpieces completed their ensemble.

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The flower girls wore dresses of red velvet with a sash of red silk taffeta, white tights, and black patent leather shoes as well as the same floral headpieces of the bridesmaids.

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The pageboys wore short jackets and pants with red velvet, white cotton shirts, white tights and black patent leather shoes.

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