Tiara Time: The Royal Wedding Question

Tiara Time: The Royal Wedding Question

Lately, we have all been fervently chatting about everything from the cake to the flowers, the honeymoon and the venue. The possible wedding dress designers have all been discussed until we are blue in the face. The next order of business is the tiara.

Which one will it be?

Everyone thinks it’s going to be the Strathmore Rose. It may very well happen. Let’s talk about some other options for the sake of argument though.

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The only one I know for sure that it will not be is the Cartier Halo Scroll tiara. This one, for obvious reasons, I don’t think would be in the running anyway but the main reason is that it is currently on tour with other Cartier jewels in Australia. The Cartier exhibition, which is at the National Gallery of Australia, runs through July 22nd. So we know for sure it won’t be that one.

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My first guess is a long shot. No one has seen it in years. It’s Queen Mary’s Lozenge Bandeau. This is the one I picture Meghan wearing the most. It has little geometric designs, or lozenge pattern, in a diamond motif. It’s sleek and modern in the sense that it has no fussy scrolling or twirling.


The problem is, no one can say for sure that it exists anymore. It hasn’t been seen since Princess Margaret borrowed it in her younger days. The only photos I can find of it are all in black and white. I am hoping this one remains intact somewhere in the vault.

Like I said, it’s a long shot.

My next guess is the Cartier Bracelet Bandeau. This one consists of several sparkly bracelets that can be worn in a bandeau fashion. I’m really into this bandeau idea, aren’t I? To me, these two options just fit Meghan’s style.


The Queen Mother had been given a set of bracelets by Cartier. Cartier fashioned a mount so that she could wear three of these in a bandeau fashion. In the 30’s, she wore it this way a lot. It was the style!

The Queen currently wears these as bracelets (now there is a total of five) and has never been seen wearing it as a tiara. Assuming the mount is still around, this is also a viable option. It would be so exciting to see her wear it!

I pinned a poll to my profile on Tuesday, asking your thoughts about Meghan wearing the Spencer Tiara.


A great many of you are really hoping for it. I must admit if Meghan came out of the car wearing the Spencer Tiara I would choke on my scone May 19th. Yes, she is marrying a Spencer, but she’s not a Spencer. I’m sure that Earl Spencer would gladly loan it out to her and it would be a lovely way to remember Diana. But do we want to think of Meghan as the new Diana? I personally do not. I choose to see the best parts of Diana in Harry but I just want Meghan to feel like she can be her own person, her own princess for the people.

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