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#RoyalWeddingWatch A happy ending for Meghan as Wedding Day approaches

I thought this week would never end! I had nightmares about the wedding being cancelled, or even certain family members, “storming the castle.” This week was all too much!

After Meghan’s statement via Kensington Palace, all of the craziness thankfully started to die down.

I really didn’t expect to hear much more about who would be walking her down the aisle after that. I thought we wouldn’t know until it actually happened. I was okay with that.

When I woke up in a hazy fog this morning, I was THRILLED to see that Prince Charles would be doing the honour of walking dear Meghan down the aisle. I know several of you were very firm on there being no need for this, as she can do it herself. I agree that she can, and she is a part of the way.  But tradition in a modern world is still a great thing. No, she doesn’t live in her father’s house anymore and there is no real, “giving away,” but she still wanted that moment and she didn’t get it with her own father.

You might really hate that I’m going to say this, but I think The Prince of Wales walking her down the last part is even better. If not her own mother, he is a perfect choice.

Why? Well for starters, he is the future King and Prince Harry’s dad. I think that her mother bringing her to the church, and her walking part way alone is noteworthy. To me, the woman that brought her into this world is helping her leave her old life behind. She’s walking into her new life alone, and Prince Charles waiting there to bring her “officially” into the family is truly significant for me.

The fact that Meghan asked him herself tells me this is how she sees it too. She’s modern and a feminist, yes, but she’s also sentimental. It’s a beautiful blend of old and new in a modern world.

I really hope after this week, we can put everything to bed about if this is a good match or not. Clearly, Meghan and Harry have already faced a difficult trial together and yet, they are still smiling. She’s not “heading for the hills,” and Harry is still there, facing it with her. Let’s put it to rest. Sometimes love does win and I choose to believe that it will here too!

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