The Dueling Duchesses: The Sad Reality of Fans Pitting Catherine Against Meghan

One wonders if those on Twitter act in the same manner in their personal, real lives. Do they choose one friend and critique her against another? Do they compare which friend works harder? Doubtful. But give them 140 characters on Twitter and it is like a royal cage match.

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex are VASTLY two different individuals. They come from two very different backgrounds and have chosen paths that suit them.


The negativity on both sides whether it be ‘Team Cambridge’ or ‘Team Sussex’ is palpable. Some, not all fans of Catherine tear apart Meghan like a shark who has not had a meal in a week. The same goes for those who are fans of Meghan. Again, two women who likely formed an alliance playing on each other’s strengths but yet you have people who feel the need to be self-righteous and judge every move, every outfit, every engagement and quite frankly the existence of these two royals.

We all have our favourites. Those who know me, do know I am a fan of The Duchess of Cornwall. That still does not mean I compare what she does to other royals. They all have their place in ‘The Firm.’

Am I am a fan of Catherine? No, not in the sense of I follow her every move and critique her clothing choices and parenting. Like I said, I lean towards the older members of the BRF.

As for The Duchess of Sussex, I am glad Harry has found his true love and an equal partner to join him in the crazy game of being a royal. Sure the future looks bright, but one needs to see how it all shakes out the next few years.

That does not mean, I do not think Meghan is an asset or I am choosing a side. It is like being in the classroom. Teachers who had the students I get will tell stories about them, I read the files about their past and of course, there are the rumours. I do not pass judgement on my kids. I wait to see how they will thrive and what their strengths and weaknesses are. This is how I view the royals.

It is time to stop trying to one-up each other on social media. Whether it is at Harry and Meghan’s wedding where people began to assume The Duchess of Cambridge was shunned because she was not standing near everyone or this whole kerfuffle now that The Queen fancies The Duchess of Sussex because she is accompanying Her Majesty on next weeks engagements in Chester.

There is more hatred, fighting, vulgar language and sheer nastiness on social media regarding The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex then there was in a room full of eighth-grade girls back when I was teaching middle school.

We are women, we should be lifting each other up not tearing each other down. Sure you can favour one over the other but enough with the hatred and vile comments. It is even quite shameful if you are a parent of a daughter and they see the example you are setting.


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    I agree with you. I have a special like for Kate, but I still have a positive interest for all of the others. Others being nasty and cruel to any Royal Member is stupid and childish.

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