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Canines and Cancer: Camilla and Her Majesty Learn More about @MedDetectDogs

Canines and Cancer: Camilla and Her Majesty Learn More about @MedDetectDogs

Over at The Royal Mews today, The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall, attended Medical Detection Dogs 10th-anniversary celebration.

Camilla has been the charity’s patron since 2014.

Her Majesty and The Duchess viewed a demonstration by the charity’s bio-detection dogs that showcased their ability to detect the odour of human disease.

In the UK, one in two people will are diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. Early detection rates in the UK are the worst in Europe. There is no question that early detection and diagnoses of cancer and other diseases can lead to earlier treatment and increased survival rates.

Medical Detection Dogs is a charity leading this groundbreaking medical research. It strives to transform disease detection by harnessing the remarkable smelling power of dogs to produce tests for a range of life-threatening conditions including cancer.

In training trials, the dogs have shown to be 93 per cent positive, significantly higher than many existing tests.

The charity’s ground-breaking work is now saving lives by affording a reliable, practical, affordable solution to one of the most significant medical challenges today.

Medical Detection Dogs trains assistance dogs for people with long-term, life-threatening conditions, giving them greater independence and improving their lives immeasurably.

In most cases, the medical alert assistance dogs help people suffering from type one diabetes, who get no warning signs when a hypoglycaemic or hyperglycaemic attack is about to occur. The dogs are trained to detect shifts in their partner’s blood sugar levels and alert them to take insulin or eat sugar.

The charity presented The Duchess of Cornwall with a sketch of her two adopted dogs, Bluebell and Beth during today’s event.

As Patron of Medical Detection Dogs for the last four years, Camilla has hosted Medical Detection Dogs at a reception in St James’s Palace. HRH has also paid a visit to their headquarters just outside Milton Keynes.

Last December Camilla participated in the ICAP charity day to support charities including Medical Detection Dogs and in 2015 donated the proceeds of her limited-edition honey from her private home in Wiltshire to the charity.

Both Camilla and The Queen are dog lovers and today was a fitting event for both to attend.

Her Majesty said goodbye to Willow, her last corgi in April who was put down at Windsor Castle after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

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