Goodbye Royal Circular: Why we had to go

It was with great sadness that we announced on Twitter earlier today that Royal Circular would cease to be and we thought it only right that our loyal readers and followers deserved an explanation as to why, though many of you know the reasons, here goes.

Firstly, let us say that Sean and Cindy both have full-time jobs away from the Royal circle and founded Royal Circular because of their love for The Royal Family and History but more importantly because they believed in the institution of Monarchy.

The Royal circle on Twitter used to be a great bunch of people to be around and the ‘Royal Twitterverse’ was a fun place to be. Now don’t get us wrong there are still a great bunch of people in the Twitterverse but the vitriol and hate coming from some so-called ‘fans’ is making what used to be a great meeting place for all us Royalists, a vile and nasty place to be.

For me (Sean) I really do like The Duchess of Sussex and believe she is a breath of fresh air for The Royal Family. She has a bright future ahead of her as part of ‘The Firm’ and I for one cannot wait to see how she develops in her role. I may admire The Duchess of Sussex, I don’t, however, obsess over her every move or call people out when they don’t like Meghan’s hair one day or accuse somebody of being a racist purely because they’ve said they don’t like Meghan’s choice of dress.

Here lies the problem!

Yesterday, because Royal news was slow, I decided to conduct a poll on Royal Circular Twitter asking our followers who they were most looking forward to seeing return from their Royal holidays. Now I knew that if I included The Duchess of Sussex as an option then the poll would be 100% for her, that’s just the way Royal Twitter is these days, so I decided to mix it up a bit and include Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Charles and (stupidly) The Duchess of Cambridge leaving the 4th option as Other and allowing people to comment with who else they were looking forward to seeing.

What a big mistake.

Now I have been a part of the Royal Twitterverse for a long time and never have I received the abuse that I received yesterday. I was accused of favouritism, I was accused of HATING The Duchess of Sussex and I was accused of being racist – all because I didn’t include The Duchess of Sussex as an option on an insignificant poll that was meant as a bit of fun. The comments aimed at me were disgusting and because I chose to defend myself, I was the one doing the attacking, how do these people’s brains work?

There is a difference between being a fan of The Duchess of Sussex and being obsessed with her. Many people in the Royalverse at the moment are the latter.

There isn’t a blogger, writer or even Royal Reporter who I know that has not received the same level of abuse in some way because they’ve dared to criticise Meghan in some way or dared to report on The Duchess of Cambridge instead or they’ve written about Her Majesty The Queen instead of Meghan. Really people? Is this what the world has come to?

To the Meghan obsessives let me ask you this. Do you think that The Duchess of Sussex would be proud of you? Of the way, you treat other people? Of the way, you accuse people of being racist who is, in fact, nothing of the sort?

No, she wouldn’t. In my opinion, which is the opinion of some of my fellow Twitter friends, The Duchess of Sussex would be appalled to think that her so-called ‘fans’ are using such language, are spitting such vitriol and are throwing such ludicrous false accusations around at the drop of a hat.

For those of you that accuse others of being racist, here is the definition of Racism before you throw the accusations out there:

a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

Leaving Meghan out of a poll doesn’t make someone a racist, criticising Meghan’s hair does not make someone a racist, disliking Meghan’s choice of dress does not make someone a racist… I could go on.

So it is with a heavy heart that Royal Circular comes to an end. I and Cindy spoke and feel that what started out as something so fun and engaging has become a horrible, tedious task to keep up with and unfortunately, that is down to a minority of people who feel it is their right to hurl abuse at us left, right and centre.

Royal Circular achieved so much in such a short space of time and as a site, we were really going places. Some sad, sick, nasty individuals have put a stop to that, so congratulations, your objective to clear the Royal Twitterverse of people who have an opinion that differs to yours is clearly working.

To those who have supported us and followed us and allowed us to do something we once loved, Thank You, we’re still around but alas Royal Circular. Kudos to all those Royal Sites, Royal Reporters and Bloggers out there who are surviving the ‘Stan Storm’ and good luck with your futures, I fear the increase in obsessives is only going to get worse.

So once again, thank you for your support over the last nine months. Sadly though this is the end of Royal Circular.




  1. This is so sad, but I understand perfectly where you are coming from, since I’ve seen this happening a lot on Twitter, Tumblr and Royal blogs lately.
    I, like Sean, think that Meghan is/will be good for the royal family. I like her, but every time I’ve mentioned how I don’t agree with something about her (her hair, outfit choices or whatever), I’ve been accused of being a racist among other things. The fact that I’ve liked the Duchess of Cambridge for years makes it worse it seems.
    It’s sad that these “fans” of Meghan don’t try to learn a little more about the institution she is now part of. Meghan is not going to be Queen no matter how much they wish for it, Catherine is going to be the Princess of Wales first and later the Queen, while Meghan will keep on being a Duchess. This is not hating, this is establishing facts.
    I’m honestly tired of all the fighting and hate because of these type of fans.

    I’ll miss you a lot guys, and I wish you the best of luck. And thank you for your hard work all these years!


  2. That is indeed sad to hear. People just need to chill out and get back to reality. Even more so, people need to remember social courtesies and quit being so rude online. If it’s a comment you wouldn’t make to someone in person, then DO NOT type it online. I have enjoyed Royal Circular and will miss the info and pictures they gathered and provided to the rest of us.


  3. I am so sorry, I really appreciated & loved everything you posted, I’m sad that bad guys pushed you out & I hope to see what you do next because you’re both very talented writers 👏🏼😍👍🏼👍🏼


  4. I’m so sorry you have decided to close down. Although I understand why you have taken this action, and I would probably done the same thing, it is critical to note that we all must be aware of what we put on social media will not only draw like-minded people but those who are more than willing and delight in reaping hate all around. Hatred even abounds when you try to discuss the merits of a hamburger at two different fast food chains!
    It takes much thought as to how to handle the mongers. I truly believe that they have no self-confidence, no self-worth and hate themselves so much that they have to dominate and be “right”all the time. They possess no polite behavior. To participate in this world of social media, you need to develop a working plan, a disclaimer on how people are to act and block those who do not follow your guideline of polite behavior. Polite discourse serves a wonderful purpose on social media. Rudeness only proves to everyone, and there are millions out there, that you are stupid, closed-minded and ignorant.
    One must develop a thick skin, also, if you are to participate in the wide media world.

    Whether you love Catherine or like Meghan or love Meghan and like Catherine is fine. They are wonderful women living in a world we can only dream of. Yes, The Duchess of Cambridge will be the Princess of Wales and Queen one day. The Duchess of Sussex certainly has captured the world’s attention right now and there seems to be a bit of competition in the public’s mind about it. Does it matter? Not in the least. You have to ignore the haters and enjoy what you love!


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