Royal Circular Needs You

After a year-long hiatus, Royal Circular is back in business and is ready to report on all the latest Royal engagements, overseas tours and visits.

But for Royal Circular, it’s not just about the news, we here are passionate History buffs too and love to write about William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II and every bit of History in between.

We can’t do it alone though! We need your help!

If you are interested in writing for Royal Circular then now is the time to get in touch. Royal Circular has taken a break but now we are back and in the words of a well known British boyband, Back for Good!

Unfortunately, Royal Circular is not currently in a position to pay any of our contributors however we can guarantee that your work will be seen by thousands of site visitors every week! And what’s more, you get to write about anything you are passionate about – so long as that includes a bit of Royalty or a bit of History!

So if you are that History Honcho or want to Rant about the Royal’s then please get in touch and tell us why you want to write for Royal Circlar using any of the details below.

Your Royal Circular Needs You!


Twitter: @Royal_Circular

Facebook: Royal Circular

Photo Credit: By UK Home Office

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