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The Queen’s personalised telegram for Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore, the one-man fundraising machine who has brought in nearly £30 million of funds for the NHS will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Thursday and is set to receive a personalised telegram from Her Majesty The Queen.

This national hero, who has been walking laps of his garden in Bedfordshire, will have an entire edition of BBC Breakfast dedicated to his milestone birthday on Thursday and producers of the programme have been working closely alongside Buckingham Palace to organise the celebration’s for the war hero’s big day.

According to The Sun, the team on BBC Breakfast have been working with officials at the Palace to ensure the telegram is delivered on time for the morning broadcast. Editor of BBC Breakfast, Richard Frediani, said, “Having followed Captain Tom’s incredible story from the start, the UK’s most watched morning show will make sure the nation can safely come together to celebrate Captain Tom’s 100th birthday on Thursday morning on BBC Breakfast”.

It is reported that Captain Tom has had over 100,000 birthday cards delivered by members of the public as well as thousands of gifts including chocolates and flowers.

On top of the personalised telegram from Her Majesty The Queen, Captain Tom is set to be treated to an RAF flypast in celebration of his centenary. The Royal Mail are also honouring Captain Tom’s birthday by creating a special postmark. All mail sent from Monday will be stamped with the following ‘Happy 100th Birthday Captain Thomas Moore NHS Fundraising Hero 30th April 2020’.

Tom Moore was conscripted into the Army in June 1940 just nine months after the outbreak of the Second World War. Beginning his Military career in Otley, West Yorkshire where he joined the 8th Battalion, the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Tom was soon promoted to Corporal and sent to the officer cadet training unit in Droitwich Spa. In August 1941, he joined 9th Battalion at Winchcombe and in October the unit was posted to Bombay. The Brigade was then moved on to Calcutta and Tom’s Battalion was stationed in the Lohardaga district.

Captain Tom has said he has been “blown away” by the outpouring of kindness from the public in readiness for his 100th birthday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently paid tribute to Captain Tom and his fundraising efforts in a video message.

Captain Tom has also recently been awarded a Pride of Britain Award.

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