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Duchess of Cambridge supports Maternity Mental Health Awareness Week

The Duchess of Cambridge paid a virtual, bedside visit to a couple who had recently welcomed their second child and cooed over the birth of baby Max – who was just sixteen hours old.

Rebecca Attwood and John Gill, the proud parents, were taken aback to receive a video call from The Duchess of Cambridge just hours after the birth of their second child. The Duchess began the call by saying, “Hello! Very nice to meet you. This is definitely a first I think.” Adding of baby Max, Kate said, “He is so sweet.”

The Duchess of Cambridge was shocked to learn that Rebecca had only given birth to Max just sixteen hours previously and added that the new mother must have been “exhausted.”

The video call came as part of a virtual maternity ward tour in preparation for the UK’s Maternity Mental Health Awareness Week.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who was calling from Anmer Hall in Norfolk, was told by Perinatal Mental Health Midwife, Jo Doumouchtsi, that some mothers were anxious about coming into hospital because of the COVID-19 pandemic and having to be isolated from family members. According to Doumouchtsi, “They will still be very well supported by the midwives, the health visitors, by GP’s and by mental health teams.”

There was a message of encouragement from Jennifer Tshibamba, a midwife in the Antenatal and Newborn Screening Team, who said, “We want women to know we’re still here, we’re still open. Even with what’s going on, we’re here to listen to you, we’re still here to make sure we provide you with the best care for your pregnancy, for your baby and support your family.”

The Duchess was speaking with the Midwifery team at Kingston Hospital having spent two days there on a work placement last November. Director of Midwifery, Gina Brockwell, said of Kate’s virtual tour, “She’s clearly very interested in maternity services. She spent quite a long time with us back in November so really seemed to have a good understanding of our role. It’s an honour really that she wanted to come back again.”

The Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week aims to create wider awareness of maternal mental health as well as signposting support for parents. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, are backing a campaign to support people’s mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Duchess also has a keen interest in early years development.

The conversations were held on April 22nd.

On Sunday, an open letter from The Duchess of Cambridge to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists was also released by Kensington Palace. The letter sees The Duchess thank those who are working through such a difficult time and let them know that she is thinking of them.

The Duchess of Cambridge is Patron of the RCOG.

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