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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set for virtual meeting with Harry and Meghan?

It has been reported that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be having a virtual celebration for the first birthday of their son, Archie Harrison, and that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family will be joining in the festivities.

It is said that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will talk to Harry and Meghan for the first time in months as the birthday of Archie sees the two families reconnect. It is understood that there was a degree of animosity between Harry and William when Harry announced he and Meghan would be stepping back as full time working royals.

As Archie celebrates his 1st birthday on Wednesday, it is also rumoured that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will release a new photo of him to mark this milestone.

Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Charles and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have all wished Archie a ‘Happy Birthday’ via their social media accounts and it is likely that The Queen and Prince Charles will wish send personal birthday wishes using Zoom.

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl, said earlier this week, “The Queen will wish him happy birthday this week via Zoom as will the Cambridge children. They haven’t seen their little cousin in months so they’ve been looking forward to seeing how much he’s grown.”

Archie has had an eventful first twelve months following his birth at London’s Portland Hospital. He first lived at Frogmore Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle before moving to an exclusive home on Vancouver Island in Canada. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Archie have now set up home in the metropolis of California.

While many followers are calling for a photograph of Archie on his birthday, many others believe that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will break with tradition and wait to release any new pictures of their son instead opting just to thank people for Archie’s birthday wishes.

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