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The Queen to step back from Royal duties? A Platinum Jubilee says different…

It was revealed on Sunday that, due to the continuing Coronavirus pandemic, Her Majesty The Queen would be staying at Windsor Castle for the foreseeable future and her diary of upcoming engagements has been cleared. Since then the rumour mill has been in overdrive. Various reports have suggested that The Queen will NEVER return to public duties, that we will NEVER see The Queen in public again and even going as far as to say that Her Majesty may ABDICATE the throne and stand aside for her son, The Prince of Wales.


Let us head back for a moment to 1947 and in particular The Royal Family’s South Africa Tour. King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret travelled to South Africa aboard HMS Vanguard. At this time, the King reigned over the nations of South Africa as part of the British Dominions and the trip was an attempt to bring the territories closer to the British Empire.

However we digress…

The significant thing about the South Africa tour was that while there, Princess Elizabeth celebrated her 21st birthday on 21st April 1947. To mark the occasion, she broadcast a speech from Cape Town to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. It was in this speech that Elizabeth declared “before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” This was a dedication to serve the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for her entire life, a dedication that Queen Elizabeth II is yet to go back on and a dedication that, even in the most troubling of times for the Monarchy, Her Majesty has steadfastly stood by.

Queen Elizabeth II is this country’s longest-reigning monarch – an achievement that is often tinged with sadness because of the death of her father at such a young age – though we can be certain this is a feat Her Majesty is proud of. Currently standing at a 68 year reign, The Queen is breaking all the records and looks set to be the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

A Platinum Jubilee you say?

Yes! In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee – 70 years as Queen. Who can believe that it has nearly been ten years since the jubilation and joy of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – a celebration that was so momentous it is still talked about today!

As this country goes through its worst crisis since the Second World War it is looking ever more likely that life as we once knew it will not return for some time, perhaps not even until late 2021 or early 2022. What better way to celebrate a return to normality than with the celebration of our beloved Queen and marking her seventy years as monarch. We must note that at the time of her Platinum Jubilee, Her Majesty will be approaching her 96th birthday however when has The Queen ever let age stop her – at the age of 89 she was still undertaking overseas visits!

We couldn’t do that without The Queen!

No we could not! And The Queen knows it. At every inch of the celebrations in 2012, Her Majesty The Queen was present even standing alone at a Thanksgiving Service because The Duke of Edinburgh had taken ill. The Queen is the epitome of service and dedication and it is high time people became dedicated to not speculating about her incoming abdication or her standing aside.

It won’t happen!

Throughout her reign, The Queen has bore witness to a number of events that would shake anyone to their core. From assassination attempts, to family embarrassments to heart-breaking bereavements, The Queen has never faltered and will continue to be a beacon of hope throughout this crisis.

2020 is just a blip.

The Queen’s extended stay at Windsor Castle and the cancellation of upcoming engagements had to happen. The Queen and indeed The Duke of Edinburgh are in the category of people that the Government have asked to shield themselves. How wrong would it have been for The Queen to ignore this and simply move from residence to residence. The Queen has perfectly read the mood of the nation and followed her Government’s advice. She will be back and we will see her again. The Queen’s advancing years have always meant that younger members of The Royal Family would gradually increase their workload – never did it mean that The Queen would stop being Queen and those that think it does should just listen to that 1947 broadcast a few more times.

We’ll Meet Again

In the words of Her Majesty The Queen (and Dame Vera Lynn) once this crisis is all over or at least calmed down, we will all meet again and we will see Her Majesty The Queen again – at Investitures, Garden Parties and possibly working out how to use a Self-Service checkout! Until that time let us not support the rumours that Her Majesty will abdicate, let’s not fuel the gossip that she will be stepping aside and let us certainly not believe we will never see The Queen performing public duties again!

Above all, The Queen puts service and duty first and as in 1947 when she dedicated her whole life to our service, she stands by that declaration in 2020. The Queen will certainly not let a pandemic stop her from fulfilling the dedications she pledged 73 years ago!

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