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Duke of Sussex honours World War Two burns survivors

The Duke of Sussex appeared on BBC’s The One Show on Monday evening as he spoke with the families of World War Two survivors who suffered horrific burns during the conflict. Prince Harry spoke with the families of those whose burns were so terrible they were subjected to experimental surgery.

During his appearance on the show, Prince Harry spoke of The Guinea Pig Club and CASEVAC Club, two military groups that offer help and support to our Armed Forces heroes. Those in The Guinea Pig Club were injured air crew and military personnel who all had ground-breaking surgery from pioneering surgeon Sir Archibald MckIndoe.

Prince Harry spoke with two relatives of two club members, Sandy Saunders and Jack Perry. Maggie, Sandy’s wife, said, “Sandy was a member of the Glider pilot regiment. One day he crashed and had 40% burns to his face, hands and legs. Archie MckIndoe gave him new upper and lower eyelids, nose and a proper mouth.”

Prince Harry commented, “Those individuals that signed up chose to serve, then had life-changing injuries, they didn’t stop there. That’s why it’s incredibly impressive and yet at the same time, incredibly uplifting.”

The CASEVAC Club is the modern day equivalent of The Guinea Pig Club and was set up in 2017 as a mutual support network and social club for individuals who were severely wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The appearance on The One Show came after The Duke of Sussex recorded a message for the OnSide Awards streamed in full for the first time on Sunday night.

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