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Duke and Duchess of Sussex given a decade to pay back Frogmore refurbishment payments

It was revealed on Sunday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have begun repayments for the Frogmore Cottage £2.4 million refurbishment cost to the taxpayer. However, with their monthly repayments of £18,000, it will take the couple over ten years to repay the total amount.

As part of their ‘exit’ deal from The Royal Family earlier this year, Prince Harry offered to repay the refurbishment costs. It is still thought that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will use Frogmore as their British home.

As revealed by the Mail on Sunday, since April it has been quietly arranged for Harry and Meghan to begin paying rent on the property. It is understood that their rent agreement is ‘rental plus’ meaning they are paying more than the commercial rate so the excess is used to pay off the renovation repayments.

At the current repayment rate, it will take Harry and Meghan more than ten years to meet the costs of refurbishment. This is not taking in to account interest and the running of Frogmore Cottage – which still needs to be maintained if The Duke and Duchess intend to use it when they are in the United Kingdom.

Before Harry and Meghan moved in to Frogmore, the cottage was in a state of disrepair. It needed extensive work doing included rewiring, installation of gas and water mains and new kitchens and bathrooms. All of this was paid for by the British taxpayer. When the couple quit royal duties, it was announced they would repay the taxpayer funded Sovereign Grant expenditure and meet the running costs going forward themselves.

It is understood that Prince Charles is privately funding Prince Harry and Meghan as they no longer receive public funds. It is not known if that private funding comes from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Photo: Office of the Governor General


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