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Prince Charles will be ‘best prepared Monarch Britain’s ever had’ according to ITV documentary

According to experts on an ITV documentary due to air on Thursday, Prince Charles will be the “best prepared Monarch that Britain has ever had” although he will have to ditch his “outspoken nature on politics, architecture and the environment.” On the documentary The Queen: Inside the Crown, various royal experts offer their opinion on the future King Charles.

British historian, Piers Brendon, remarks that The Prince of Wales has the potential to “divide opinion rather than unite it” while former Royal Press Secretary, Dickie Arbiter, warns that Charles will have to learn to “keep his mouth shut” and ditch his outspoken nature on various things like politics and the environment.

Royal author, Penny Junor, had this to say of The Prince of Wales, “Prince Charles will be King, and he will be the best prepared monarch this country has ever had. I think the nation has changed in its attitude towards Charles. Years ago we wrote him off as a nutter who talked to his plants but today he is in a really good place. He laughs again, he jokes, he’s relaxed and I think that makes him a much better prince, much better father and much better man all round.”

Dickie Arbiter commented, “He’s written his spidery letters to ministers, asking the sort of questions we would want answers to. But he won’t be able to do that when he becomes King because constitutionally, he’ll have to keep his mouth shut.” The spidery letters being referred to are various letters that Prince Charles wrote to Government ministers and so named because of the style of Charles’ handwriting.

The Prince of Wales’s Goddaughter, India Hicks, also appears in the programme.

The Queen: Inside the Crown airs on ITV at 9pm on Thursday 21st May.

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