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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to keep Princess Charlotte at home if school reopens

It has been reported that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will keep Princess Charlotte at home in June when her school classes are scheduled to begin again following the Coronavirus lockdown. Under Government guidelines, Reception, Year One and Year Six classes are being asked to return to school – Princess Charlotte is currently in Reception class while her brother, Prince George, is in Year Two.

Charlotte and George currently attend Thomas’s in Battersea and the school will be following Government rules of taking back the classes in the guidelines. This would mean Charlotte would return and George would not.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are considering keeping Princess Charlotte at home so she can continue with the lockdown routine she has got used to with her brother, Prince George.

In an interview in April, The Duchess of Cambridge revealed it had been “challenging” to for her and William to teach their children at home adding, “The children have got such stamina, i don’t know how. Honestly, you get to the end of the day and you write down the list of all the things that you’ve done in that day. It’s just having that bit of structure actually. And it’s great, there’s so many great tips online and fun activities you can do with the children, so it hasn’t been all hardcore.”

Since the Government’s announcement that some school children could return to classes from 1st June there has been mixed reactions. There has been criticism from trade unions, ministers and local authorities over whether 1st June is too soon to be sending children back to school. Others have praised the decision admitting that children need some sort of education before the six week Summer holidays. However, Hartlepool and Liverpool have said they will ignore the Government’s decision and will not be sending their primary school children back on 1st June.

According to The Times, Thomas’s in Battersea will make a final decision this week on whether it will reopen or not.

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