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The Queen is allowing Boris Johnson to exercise in Buckingham Palace grounds

Her Majesty The Queen is allowing her Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to exercise within the grounds of Buckingham Palace, it has been revealed. As reported in The Telegraph, Mr Johnson has been given the green light by Her Majesty to jog in the grounds of the Palace and possibly even make use of the tennis court there too. It comes as concern was raised at the Prime Minister conducting exercise out in public.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Just this week Boris Johnson was photographed arriving at a side entrance to the Palace in an armoured Range Rover. It is understood that this is not the first time a Prime Minister has been allowed to exercise in the grounds with Her Majesty “from time to time” allowing previous Prime Ministers the use of the grounds.

It has also been reported that the Archbishop of Canterbury has allowed Boris Johnson to use the grounds of Lambeth Palace for exercise too. A Government spokesperson said, “It is obviously important that the Prime Minister is able to take exercise.”

It has been reported that Boris Johnson will soon be launching a battle against obesity in the United Kingdom with the mantra “don’t be a fatty in your fifties.” It is understood that the Prime Minister’s current strict exercise regime is part of his recovery from COVID-19, which saw Mr Johnson in intensive care for a number of days.

The Queen has not been in residence at Buckingham Palace for some time. Both she and The Duke of Edinburgh have been residing at Windsor Castle since a week before the UK went in to lockdown. It is expected they will remain there for the foreseeable future and The Queen’s engagement diary has been cleared for the rest of the Summer – with advisers reviewing engagements as far ahead as 2022.

Photos: Joel Rouse, UK Prime Minister


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