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The Queen set to pay off Prince Andrew’s Verbier ski chalet debt?

It has been reported that Her Majesty The Queen will pay off Prince Andrew’s £6.7 million Verbier ski chalet debt in order to avoid court action. Her Majesty’s intervention is set to end the feud between The Duke and Duchess of York and French socialite, Isabelle de Rouvre.

Isabelle de Rouvre became friends with Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson after they frequently rented the chalet in Verbier, Switzerland. The chalet boasted, amongst other things, six full time staff and was furnished with chic antiques as well as seven bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool and sauna. The chalet was priced at £22,000 per week.

In 2014, Isabelle decided to sell the chalet to The Duke and Duchess of York however after more than five years after they made a deal to deter a final payment of £6.7 million until the end of 2019, the money has still not been paid.

A spokesperson for The Duke of York denied that Her Majesty will be stepping in to settle the debt however according to a US publication, this is not the case and The Queen is said to be covering the payment of the debt.

Isabelle de Rouvre told The Mail in May, “I am now charged with a lawyer. They have a lawyer and I have mine too. What you read in the newspapers is really the reality of the case.” Madame de Rouvre also commented that the case is “really very difficult.”

The Duke of York has recently been under pressure to comply with FBI investigations into sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. It is also claimed that Epstein was approached by The Duke of York to help clear The Duchess of York’s £3.2 million bank overdraft debt.

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