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“Thank You Teachers” The Prince of Wales praises schools and teachers

The Prince of Wales has praised schools and teachers for “going above and beyond for their pupils” as many schools begin to reopen as the lockdown of schools, which began in March, is beginning to be eased. The remarks from Prince Charles were made in a video message recorded at Birkhall in Scotland, where both Charles and Camilla have been isolating since March.

The video message was recorded for Teach First, a charity of which Prince Charles is Patron. In the video Charles says, “While recent times have been incredibly difficult for us all, I can only begin to imagine how challenging it has been for young people and families to adapt. In particular, I am thinking of those families who simply do not have the resources, such as online devices – or even the Internet – that are needed for effective home-schooling.”

Teach First aims to build a fair education for all and aim to unlock potential in all children, not just some. They are on the side of schools facing the biggest challenges and the charity supports them to make three things happen – help people develop in to inspiring teachers, support great teachers to become inspiring and effective leaders at every level and connect schools to a multitude of networks.

Prince Charles also praised parents for their efforts in home-schooling, “Parents have done an astonishing job in such trying circumstances and to see teachers and schools go above and beyond for their pupils in response to this pandemic has been, in many instances, quite remarkable. From finding creative ways to teach lessons remotely, and even making sure the most vulnerable children do not go without meals, we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have spoken on a number of occasions about the challenges of home-schooling. Prince William recently admitted he was struggling with Prince George’s Year 2 maths homework while The Duchess of Cambridge admitted that George was jealous of Princess Charlotte’s much easier homework.

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