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Jordan’s Royal Family donate medical supplies to aid Coronavirus efforts

COVID-19 cases continue to spike throughout states in the U.S. In one week, Florida saw an increase of 100,000 cases. As of 10th July, Michigan’s total number of cases is 68,295. While the number of deaths climbed to 6,039.

Throughout this pandemic, large and small businesses have stepped up to donate or manufacture surgical masks, hand sanitizer and gloves. During a news conference on 9th July Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, advised residents to “mask up,” if not for the state’s economy but for the sake and health and safety of loved ones.

She also revealed the Kingdom of Jordan generously donated medical supplies to aid her state in its fight against COVID-19. The Personal Protective Equipment, PPE included 650,000 surgical masks and 10,000 sets of eye goggles and medical overalls. A shipment of N95 masks is expected to be delivered soon.

Jordan is a leader in the region in the medical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. The country’s response to the pandemic has been swift. As His Majesty King Abdullah II remarked, these past couple of months have shown us that the best way to address this global pandemic is through enhanced cooperation and solidarity.”

“I want to personally thank the Kingdom of Jordan for this generous donation of critical Personal Protective Equipment to ensure our frontline medical workers have the supplies they need to treat COVID-19,” she said. “This donation will help our hospitals replenish depleted supplies of PPE as we continue to flatten the curve,” Governor Whitmer said.

Dina Kawar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Jordan to the United States said: “We are proud to be able to provide this modest aid to the people of Michigan.

Second only to California, the metro Detroit area has the largest Arab American population in the country. Because Arab Americans aren’t considered a federal minority, there actual number in Michigan is unknown. However, it is estimated by the state’s health department and Zogby International polls there are between 409,000-490-000 state-wide and approximately 300,000-350,000 in the greater Detroit area.

A thread on Reddit has grown with state residents offering their thanks and expressing their appreciation for the Kingdom of Jordan’s support.

Photo: White House

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