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The Royal Family to ignore Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah

The Royal Family are set to ignore The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s controversial interview with US talk host, Oprah Winfrey. It is reported that Her Majesty The Queen will ignore the two-hour interview and is instead focusing on national and Commonwealth issues as well as the recovery of Prince Philip.

Harry and Meghan’s ‘warts and all’ interview is to air in the United States on Sunday 7th March on CBS at 8pm (Eastern Time). The interview will then air in the United Kingdom on ITV at 9pm on Monday 8th March.

The Sunday Times reports that while The Queen will be focusing on issues away from Harry and Meghan, Palace courtiers have branded the interview a “circus.” It is reported that Buckingham Palace are prepared to retaliate with fresh disclosures about Harry and Meghan’s behaviour should the monarchy be attacked in the interview.

The Sunday Times also reports that The Queen will increase her official engagements in the coming days as a sign to show “where the focus is.” A source close to The Queen commented, “You will see next week Her Majesty has quite a few things going on. I don’t think anyone should expect Her Majesty to stay up and watch the interview. She won’t. What should Monday really be about? Children going back to school, the effectiveness of the vaccine programme.”

It is expected that the interview will see Harry and Meghan go into detail about their grievances about their departure from royal life last year. It is reported that The Duchess of Sussex will use the broadcast to talk about her own mental health and how that has suffered.

The Queen and other members of The Royal Family will also be focusing on Commonwealth Day, which falls on Monday 8th March. Her Majesty, Prince Charles and Camilla, William and Kate and The Countess of Wessex will take part in a televised celebration on Sunday evening.


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