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Duchess of Cambridge marks International Women’s Day

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March as she took part in a video call with Jasmine Harrison, who last month broke the record as the youngest woman to solo row the Atlantic Ocean.

The New York Times reported that the row across the Atlantic took Jasmine 70 days, 3 hours and 48 minutes.

On the call, The Duchess of Cambridge said to Jasmine, “I think you’re such an inspiration to lots of young women out there.” Asking Jasmine if she had spoke to the previous record holder, Jasmine replied that she had indeed spoken to the previous holder, who is from the United States, before her voyage began.

The Duchess also spoke to Jasmine on the topic of mental health and how important that is to undertake such a voyage, “To do a challenge like this, it needs all the elements and all those positive sides to our mental health and our minds to see a challenge like this through. And it’s rare to see such an amazing display of that through the challenge that you’ve just done and it should be really celebrated.”

When asked by Catherine if she thought her challenge would change the perspectives for what is achievable for young women, Jasmine replied, “What I would quite like is to change the male perspective, as well, on the females, so it’s not just about women believing that they can do something, because we can. We kind of know that already. It’s actually what everybody else sees and the image of us.”

The video call took place last week and was shown to mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, the same day as Commonwealth Day 2021 which was marked by The Royal Family on Sunday.

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