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The Queen ‘quietly’ cancelling honours from disgraced recipients

The Queen has been engaged in a secretive process to ‘quietly’ strip dozens of disgraced recipients of their honours. The investigation by The Times found that 70 people have had their honours “cancelled and annulled” in the past decade for a number of reasons.

Nine people had their honours cancelled in 2020 alone including disgraced Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, and former Downing Street aide, Mark Adams, who was convicted of raping two women. Adams worked under both John Major and Tony Blair during their time as Prime Minister.

Across Her Majesty’s 69 year reign, a total of 186 people have had their honours annulled. In the post-war period it appears that most of honours have been cancelled because of child sex abuse, which accounts for 37% of cancellations in the past two decades. Second on the list is fraud, with 21% of recipients losing their honours because of this.

A number of well-known faces have also had their honours removed. Kim Philby, British Intelligence Officer, had his honours removed after it was revealed he was a double agent who was secretly working for Russia during the Cold War. Dictators Robert Mugabe and Nicolae Ceausescu have also had honours taken away from them.

The Cabinet Office, which hands out the titles and runs the honours forfeiture committee on The Queen’s behalf, does not usually give explicit reasons why honours are revoked from certain people.

A Cabinet Office spokesperson commented, “The vast majority of forfeiture decisions are published – including those relating to child sex abuse. Any exceptions to this reflect broader duty of care considerations.”

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