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The Queen returns to public duties following Prince Philip’s funeral

Her Majesty The Queen has returned to public duties following the funeral of His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen took part in two virtual audiences from within Windsor Castle with the Ambassadors of Latvia and the Ivory Coast.

The Ambassadors were at Buckingham Palace while Her Majesty remained in Windsor. After two weeks of royal mourning concluded on Friday, Her Majesty was no longer dressed in black and instead opted for a blue floral dress.

The Ambassador for Latvia, Ivita Burmistre, presented the Letters of Recall for her predecessor as well as her own Letters of Credence. The Ambassador for the Ivory Coast, Sara Affoue Amani, also repeated this process.

Though this is Her Majesty’s first public engagement since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, it is in fact her second engagement. Just four days after The Duke of Edinburgh’s death, Her Majesty attended an audience and investiture with Lord Peel, who was relinquishing his role as Lord Chamberlain. She also welcomed the new Lord Chamberlain, Baron Parker.

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