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I Was Wrong About The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I was wrong about the Cambridges. A few years ago, I was in a Twitter skirmish about a piece I had written and used the hashtag: #lamebridges. It caused quite the kerfuffle that I walked away from writing. At the time, I disagreed with William and Catherine not ‘doing more.’

I am an ‘old school’ monarchist. I believe in duty and The Queens theory of being seen to be relevant. At the time, I ignored the past, specifically the childhood of The Prince of Wales and, of course, the slight dysfunction of Prince William and Prince Harry’s upbringing when Charles and Diana’s marriage started to unravel.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flipped the script on the past. Theirs was a combination of Kate growing up in a non-royal household with both parents, siblings and a normal upbringing (by normal, of course, I mean non-royal) as well as the lessons William learned from seeing how Charles and Diana parented him and Harry.

One may venture a guess that The Queen looked back at the impact of having a young family and juggling motherhood, marriage and the duties required of her and Prince Philip. The past experiences perhaps made it a bit easier to understand why William and Kate needed to build a strong foundation in their marriage and focus on their young and growing family.

It could not be more evident after posting their family video this week on Instagram that the choices they made can make even the staunchest naysayer agree. The Cambridge’s are solid not only as a couple but also as a family.

Some have said this was staged and an act to boost their popularity. I am going to disagree with those who plastered that all over social media. It is pretty hard to fake being in love. Just rewind to when Charles and Diana tried to fleece the public that they still liked each other. It was painfully evident love was lost in that marriage.

The tension here is palpable

The video that William and Kate put out feels genuine. They look as happy as they did ten years ago when they kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are loved beyond measure. It is nice to see the playful side of Prince William with his children, even if it was a mere second or two.

The Queen has the final say on what transpires within the palace and castle walls. She must have realized the past mistakes on thrusting the newly married royals and their young children out there for public consumption.

In retrospect, the path The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken turned out to be the correct one. With The Duke of Edinburgh gone, The Queen and Prince Charles will need William and Catherine more than ever. The Cambridge’s are ready for the next step as we know the inevitable is looming. They have built a solid foundation the last decade, and one can venture a guess, Her Majesty feels the future is in steady and dedicated hands.

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