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The Queen could cancel The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s invite to Platinum Jubilee

The Queen could cancel The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s invite to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022 following the news that Prince Harry is set to release his memoir in the same year.

Sources told the Mail that there is a sense of anger within Buckingham Palace and other Royal households not just because Harry has chosen to write such a book but the deliberate timing of its release in Autumn 2022.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not attend The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022.

When the news of Harry’s memoir was revealed, the Duke promised readers it would be an “accurate and wholly truthful” book written “not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become.”

The source continued, “Her Majesty has been at great pains to try to keep her relationship with her grandson and his family separate from the decisions she needs to make professionally, so to speak. And the invitation for them to join her next year was a genuine one. Although things have been very difficult, there was a small, but enduring hope that time would have elapsed for things to heal. The suggestion he could even be seen with his family again in the future is looking increasingly implausible. A lot of people suspect this is the end of the road.”

Many have criticised The Duke of Sussex for deciding to release the book in Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year.

Prince Harry’s memoir is set to detail his life as a member of The Royal Family, his relationship with Meghan Markle and their subsequent marriage. The book will also go in to detail on his exit from public duties as well as his relationship with his father Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William.

Another Palace source commented, “Everyone now thinks it is inconceivable that he and Meghan can be part of the Platinum Jubilee. Bringing it out in 2022 when The Queen is celebrating will dampen the party.”

The Queen’s official Platinum Jubilee celebrations will take place from Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th June 2022 though she officially marks 70 years as Queen on 6th February 2022, the day her father, King George VI, died back in 1952.

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  1. My heart is with HM the Queen, not to mention Princes Charles and William
    Grandmothers seem much more lenient with their grandchildren than parents (speaking from first hand experience). Unfortunately, while one can chose ones’ friends, one cannot chose ones’ family. Harry and Meghan are adults, albeit behaving like spoiled brats. They made their choices when they stepped away as senior members of the Royal Family. As difficult as such decisions are, the rest of the Royal Family needs to “circle the wagon”, to protect the institution the monarchy represents, and give Harry and Meghan the space that comes with the decision those two made. Yes, Harry was born a Prince. He proved his worth in battle. He also chose not to respect what the Royal Family represents. His participation needs to be cut off. Tough decision for HM and Prince Charles, for sure. My heart is with the family

  2. He wanted to be away from the royals & has done nothing but cause a stir at every turn so he & his wife should stay away! But I don’t live in England so this is just an outsiders opinion because I love the royals & the Queen is celebrating her reign next year, again they want to upstage something the family is doing!!
    I thought they wanted to live a quiet private life? What happened to that??

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