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The Prince of Wales pays tribute to The Queen “who continues to make history”

The Prince of Wales gave a heartfelt speech at the ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’ on Saturday evening as he paid tribute to his “mummy”, The Queen as she “continues to make history”. Prince Charles’s remarks came at the end of the star-studded concert held outside the Buckingham Palace gates.

Thousands of people were gathered outside Buckingham Palace and down the Mall as Prince Charles took to the stage to pay tribute to his mother. To the gathered crowds, Charles said that “what really gets my mother up in the morning is all of you.” The Queen did not attend the actual concert due to ongoing episodic mobility issues however was involved in a pre-recorded sketch with Paddington Bear.

On Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Charles continued, “You have met us and talked with us. You laugh and cry with us and, most importantly, you have been there for us, for these seventy years. You pledged to serve your whole life – you continue to deliver. You continue to make history.”

In a poignant moment, The Prince of Wales referred to the late Duke of Edinburgh, “Her Majesty’s strength and stay, Prince Philip, is much missed this evening but I am sure he is here in spirit. My Papa would have enjoyed the show and joined us wholeheartedly in celebrating all you continue to do for your country and your people.”

As Charles addressed the crowds, pictures from notable moments of The Queen’s reign were projected on to Buckingham Palace and were chosen by Charles himself. Notable pictures included Nelson Mandela’s State Visit to the United Kingdom in 1996, an image from the 1953 Coronation and an image of The Queen making her famous speech during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

The Prince of Wales concluded by saying, “Those pictures on your house are the story of your life and ours. Your family now spans four generations. You are our head of state. And you are also our mother. How things have changed. We think of all you have done to make the Commonwealth such an important force for good.”

The ‘Platinum Party at the Palace’ finale was headlined by Diana Ross as well as a spectacular drone show.

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