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The Queen’s conversations on Prince Andrew’s future

Her Majesty The Queen has been holding secret talks with Prince Andrew and senior members of The Royal Family on how they can help The Duke of York rebuild his life “away from public gaze.” It is reported that one option being considered is moving The Duke of York to Scotland in order to find a new role for him away from the spotlight.

The Duke of York was stripped of his military titles in January 2022 and no longer uses his HRH status in a public capacity. This was as he prepared to face sexual abuse allegations in a civil lawsuit, claims which he vehemently denies. Andrew reportedly paid a sum of £12 million to settle the case.

A Buckingham Palace source commented, “Clearly at some point soon, thought will have to be given as to how to support the Duke as, away from the public gaze, he seeks slowly to rebuild his life in a different direction. There is, of course, a real awareness and sensitivity to public feelings. There is also recognition that the task of starting to support him as he begins to rebuild his life will be the first step on a long road and one that should not be played out everyday in the glare of the public spotlight.”

There are concerns that any return to public duties by Prince Andrew would be met with fierce resistance and it is understood that Her Majesty The Queen will not reverse her decision to ban Andrew from public duties. Both Andrew’s military titles and royal patronages were returned to The Queen.

On Monday, however, The Duke of York will make an appearance at the annual Order of the Garter ceremony. The Duke remains a member of the historic Order of the Garter and will attend the extravagant ceremony in Windsor on June 13th.

The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an order of chivalry founded by King Edward III in 1348.

It is reported that The Duke of York is keen to retain his Royal Lodge residence on the Windsor estate though it is yet unknown if this would be the case should Andrew relocate to Scotland.

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  1. Why, pray tell, is Andrew considered worthy enough to retain his membership in the
    Order of the Garter, yet Prince Harry has never even been inducted into the order. He served 10 years in the military! In combat for a time, then establishing the Invictus Games would certainly qualify Harry as a member of the order! He is the only member of the Windsor family not a member. Gee if Andrew can be considered someone of integrity and chivalry, what is Harry’s crime? Wanting to be independent of the monarch rules and confines should certainly be less of a crime than raping a teenage girl!

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