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The Queen’s Airbnb: Sandringham property listed for short-stay holidays

If you have ever wanted to holiday like the Royal Family, you may now have the perfect opportunity. The Queen is renting out a property on the Sandringham Estate on the Airbnb website. The property was the former home of Her Majesty’s head gardener on the Norfolk estate and features furniture and art works owned by The Royal Family.

The property on the Sandringham Estate.

Though prices vary, the charming Sandringham holiday house can be rented for £354 per night for a minimum of three nights from February 2023.

The Queen has also started to list budget bookings for a number of her quaint cottages on the Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Bookings can be made here for as little as £15 per person per night.

In the description for the Sandringham property is described as “a charming and relaxed accommodation. Furnished eclectically from the Royal Collection, all the furniture and pictures were once housed in a royal residence. As well as the formal walled garden with its wonderfully stocked beds and borders in which the property sits, there is a more informal garden where you can relax in, and children and dogs are safe to run and play.”

None of the properties listed on Airbnb are available when Her Majesty The Queen is in residence due to security reasons. It is expected that those who decide to holiday at any of these properties will have to undergo some stringent security checks prior to the commencement of their holiday.

Though an unusual move for The Queen to make, some courtiers have already joked that the website should be renamed to Heirbnb.

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  1. Can you tell me the name of the Head Gardener you are referring to? I visited Sandringham a long time ago and in one hall was a chart and the name of the head gardener. JOHN COUTTS. My maiden name was Coutts and I own a book written by John Coutts (a gardener). I wanted to snap a photo, but you aren’t allowed to do that. Darn! The funny thing is my grandfather, and my father were avid gardeners. My great grandfather didn’t do much but grumble, had a heavy brogue, a nasty attitude and used to hit the kids with his walking stick. There is always one relative like him in a family.

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