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READ: The Queen’s Corgis to be taken into the care of The Duke and Duchess of York

Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis will move to Royal Lodge and be taken into the care of The Duke and Duchess of York, it has been revealed by The Telegraph.

Her Majesty The Queen, who died on Thursday 8th September, left behind two dogs – one Corgi and one Dorgi (a Corgi-Dachshund mixed breed). Named Muick and Sandy, both dogs were gifted to The Queen by The Duke and York and will now return into the care of he and The Duchess of York.

The dogs were gifted to Queen Elizabeth in 2021 while she was staying at Windsor Castle to keep her company whilst The Duke of Edinburgh was in hospital. The Dorgi was named Fergus after Queen Elizabeth’s Uncle, Fergus Bowes-Lyon, who died during the First World War. Sadly, Fergus the Dorgi died aged five months old leaving The Queen devastated as it happened shortly after the death of Prince Philip in April 2021.

Fergus was later replaced by another dog, Sandy, who joined Muick at Queen Elizabeth’s side. Sandy was a joint gift from The Duke of York and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

According to The Telegraph, a source close to The Duke of York said, “The Duchess (of York) bonded with Her Majesty over dog walking and riding horses and even after her divorce, she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, by walking the dogs in Frogmore and chatting.”

The Queen was famously a big fan of Corgis, having owned over 30 of them throughout her long lifetime.

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