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The Royal Family has links with hundreds of charities, military associations, professional bodies and public service organisations. While some are very well known, others are not quite so familiar to the public. Having a member of The Royal Family as Patron or President allows these charities or organisations achievements to become public knowledge.

In the first of this series we will be shining a light on Nacro, of which Her Majesty The Queen is Patron.

Nacro describe themselves as a national social justice charity with more than 50 years experience of changing lives, building communities and reducing crime. The charity was formed in 1966 from the older National Association of Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Societies and in 1972 the charity’s housing arm, Nacro Community Enterprises, was founded as a subsidiary.

Nacro has one vision which is to achieve a socially just country where people feel safe, are supported to reach their aspirations and have crime free communities. Amongst other things the charity houses and supports vulnerable people including young people, adults and families. Nacro also offers education and skills for young people who are outside of mainstream schooling as well as helping people in custody and the community to reintegrate in to society.

The charity also supports veterans and pledges to uphold the key principles of the Armed Forces Covenant. Nacro works with veterans to learn of the significant challenges they face and offer services to veterans at Nacro Stody House and Nacro Bank Court. To hear more of Nacro’s work with veterans, click here to go to their website.

There are a number of ways in which the public can help with Nacro’s work. Firstly, donations are a massive source of support to the charity either through one-off donations or regular payments. There are also opportunities to volunteer with the charity and as we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, volunteering has been key to keeping charities going. Nacro offer employer supported volunteering or volunteering opportunities in local areas.

In 2016, Nacro celebrated its 50th anniversary. To find out more on the charity and the vital work that they carry out visit

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