The Ambitious Girl Who Became The Queen of Spain

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano will go down in history as the first Spanish queen without a drop of blue blood. The first Spanish queen who is a divorcee, granddaughter of a taxi driver and also the first Spanish queen born in Asturias. A clear departure from the typical model of a Spanish queen embodied so gracefully […]

Here Comes The Bride: The Wedding Dresses of Three Dutch Queens

As we get closer to the Harry and Meghan’s wedding on 19 May, and royal fans patiently (well some) wait to see Meghan’s dress, Royal Circular takes a look at some of the dresses other royal women have worn on their wedding day. Today we take a look at the dresses of the then Princess […]

Dutch Royals Celebrate King’s Day

Koningsdag or King’s Day is the national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands that celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birth. King’s day is celebrated on 27 April each year unless the 27th falls on a Sunday then it is celebrated on 26 April. This year King’s Day was celebrated in Groningen. “It is a fantastic party, […]

Royal Journal: 02/04/18 – 08/04/18

British Royal Family 4th April 2018 The Duchess of Gloucester will visit New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment in London. The Duke of Kent will attend a National Commemorative Service to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of The Revd Dr Martin Luther King Jr at Westminster Abbey in London. Prince Charles will officially open […]