The Ambitious Girl Who Became The Queen of Spain

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano will go down in history as the first Spanish queen without a drop of blue blood. The first Spanish queen who is a divorcee, granddaughter of a taxi driver and also the first Spanish queen born in Asturias. A clear departure from the typical model of a Spanish queen embodied so gracefully […]

Royal Lives: Princess Alice of Battenberg, Prince Philip’s Mother

Princess Alice of Battenberg was born at Windsor Castle on February 25, 1885, in the presence of her great-grandmother Queen Victoria. She married Prince Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, within a year of meeting him. Prince Andrew was the fourth son of King George I of Greece, part of the House of […]

Who was Margaret Rhodes, The Queen’s cousin?

HM Queen Elizabeth II is undoubtedly the most famous monarch in the world. Along with Prince Philip, Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they are instantly recognizable. But far less is known about The Queen’s family on her mother’s side, the […]

Royalty and World War Two: Princess Elizabeth’s Children’s Hour Speech

Neville Chamberlain had resigned as Prime Minister of Great Britain and been replaced by Winston Churchill, The Royal Air Force had conducted its biggest air raid on Berlin and a young Princess Elizabeth was set to make her very first broadcast to the children of the Commonwealth. Derek McCulloch, nicknamed Uncle Mac, was the man […]

Frogmore House: The Perfect Venue for Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s evening reception takes place at Frogmore House. Hosted by Prince Charles, the royal estate will see 200 friends of the couple join in celebrating their marriage on 19 May. Frogmore is situated about a half mile south of Windsor Castle. Only open three days a year to the public, Frogmore […]

Royal Editorial: What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? A whole lot. It’s what you will you will be known for your whole life. Some of us are named after grandparents, a place, or even by a relative, like myself. I was named by my great grandmother who was first generation Irish. My middle name (not sharing sorry) is Irish […]