Japan’s Emperor Begins Abdication

Earlier today Japan’s Emperor Akihito began a series of ceremonies to begin his abdication on 30 April. The first ceremonies were held on Tuesday at the three Imperial sanctuaries on the palace grounds in Tokyo. Dressed in an ancient court costume, The Emperor first visited the main sanctuary, Kashikodokoro. There he bowed and read out […]

International Women’s day in The House of Windsor.

Today, speaking out on a panel celebrating International Women’s day, we heard directly that the Duchess of Sussex does not engage in Twitter and makes a conscious choice to tune out all the negativity especially from online platforms. Quite a stark contrast to the Meghan who, prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, used to […]

A taste of Sussex Scouse….

This week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex braved the cold January Mersey breeze to visit Birkenhead, a small corner of North West England across the river from the City of Liverpool and an hours drive from my home. An invitation to visit several charitable endeavours within the community was extended by the MP for […]

Prince Charles warned of plastic danger 40 years ago

In an interview with Vanity Fair ahead of his 70th birthday on November 14th, Prince Charles has said that he warned about the dangers of plastic over 40 years ago though he explained that at the time he was dismissed as “out of touch” and “anti-science.” In the interview, The Prince of Wales explains that […]

Royal Summer Sights: Clarence House

So if you are wanting to visit Clarence House this Summer, then you need to get your skates on as the London home of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall is only open throughout August. That being said it is well worth the visit. Originally built between 1825-27 for The Duke of […]

Osborne House – Where a Victorian Family was built.

Earlier this year I spent a day at Kensington Palace visiting the ‘Victoria Revealed’ exhibition. Having visited KP many times before and in the light of the popular ITV1 Drama ‘Victoria’ I was excited to see the rooms and exhibits related to the early part of her life and reign. The Princess Victoria was born […]